Working through sadness…

Working through sadness…
Although, I wrote this on 11/6/2017…. I still feel that I want to share.

I have been feeling sad. It is not a bad thing but it can sometimes knock me off course and make me not want to do anything.

There have been things happening in my life that have made me worried and slightly sad. I won’t share here the exact things that are happening – I don’t feel it is necessary. But in my continued path of following glimmers of possibility, I have wondered if it is a bad thing to feel sad?

We are often told we must put on a happy face. But what if you are not happy, doesn’t that take a lot of energy to ‘Put on that happy face.” What if I just honored the feeling? Maybe I don’t even need to know the root cause, but just honor that I have a feeling.

I have been studying Human Design for quite a few years now. I have an undefined Emotional Solar Plexus. This is a Center in the Human Design chart that could correlate to part of the Solar Plexus in the Chakra system. Now if your Emotional Solar Plexus is undefined, this means that I do not have emotional waves but does this mean that I don’t have emotions? No I don’t think so. Everyone has emotions, I just don’t necessarily have the Highs and Lows that people who have this defined have. It also means that I may pick up other people’s emotions and amplify them. There is a lot of sadness in the world today. And it may be that I am picking up on the Collective Emotional layer of the Community around me. And to me, it just feels so personal.

I’m learning that I may have to ask myself – Is this really mine?

But back to my original pondering… is it wrong to feel sad or even angry? I don’t believe it is wrong. We are given a range of emotions to express a thought form. It is our emotional energy that can prod us into taking action. It is in the depth of the emotion that we can actually fuel our thought form out to the Universe (or the Quantum Field of Possibility) and then allow the answer to be brought back to us by activating our Monopole. (Another Human Design term). The Universe will bring to us what we need – even if we don’t know how to articulate it yet. We just have to be ready to respond… according to our strategy (another Human Design term)

So what would sadness be sending out to the Universe – I’m thinking it is a time to reflect and redefine a core value. It is for me. It might be that I need to work on what Karen Curry Parker calls Resiliency Keys and especially Self-Love. Do I love myself enough to honor what my BODY needs? Do I love myself enough to practice Self-care? Do I love myself to not have to feel like I need to keep giving and giving?

Today in our Quantum Essence class, we worked with the Resiliency Key – authenticity. This is another core value or archetype that we need to align. What does it truly mean to be authentic? It will mean something different for each of us. For me, it is finding my voice and sharing it with others. It is being willing to be seen as a “Woo-woo” person. It is being willing to be seen.

Wow, that brought up something. Do I feel safe being SEEN? Now I am thinking about the 2009 movie, Avatar. In this movie, one of the key take aways I had was when the Na’vi stress “I see you.” The Na’vi truly “sees” and is willing to be “seen”

So taking my pondering down a level and wrapping up .
1. I believe it is ok to experience the feelings of sadness or happiness. We don’t always have to put on a happy face.
2. A core value or key for everyone is to experience Self-Love. It is not egotistical but necessary to Love yourself.
3. Another core value or key is we all just want to be truly “seen” ? Or to be authentic.

I hope you are enjoying my glimmer ponderings. If we all could truly “see” ourselves in the glorious way the Universe sees us and accept and love ourselves, what could we accomplish in this world? And if we honor our emotions and experience them but don’t make them our identity, what would be possible for us to ignite in our consciousness?

Cindy Harley

Quantum Alignment System Practitioner

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