To Live

“To live. To live would be an awfully big adventure.” Peter in the movie “Hook” played by Robin Williams


Here we go following what my magnetic monopole brings to my awareness. If you remember, we talked about the magnetic monopole from Human Design system. This is the energetic magnet that only attracts that is centered in the G/Identity Center in your Human Design Energetic Profile.

I’ve been noticing in my environment and sometimes in myself that I have thoughts or “feels” that are saying “Beam me up, Scottie” or “where is the mothership,”” I’m ready to go home. “ Actually, the last is one thing I often tell myself, “I want to go home,” even though I may be at my physical home. Does that mean I’m depressed. Maybe or maybe there is just a longing for something that we know is true but is just out of reach.


We are here in this wonderful 3D world we call Earth. And like the song, from Louis Armstrong – “What a wonderful world” (which you can watch a YouTube movie that goes with the song at ) We have to look around and find the beauty in the moment and in our environment and in the world. The Earth is a beautiful place. Look at the trees or a sunrise or sunset or in your loved ones eyes. In my paradigm or world view, I believe we chose to come and incarnate on this wonderful planet. It might have been we incarnated with a mission or it might be that we chose this environment to experience the “feels and smells” and touch beauty in physical form.

As I follow my Quantum Essence and put my DESIRES out to the Field of Infinite Possibilities, I want to know that here and now – “To Live. To Live would be an awfully big adventure.” We all may struggle at times. As a matter of fact, I have struggle in my Human Design chart activated by my unconscious Neptune. Now you are saying well “what does that mean.” It might mean that I struggle through addiction. Or my search for the Spiritual Truths will be activated when I struggle in my life.


We all have the energy of struggle or overcoming in our energy profiles. Do we embrace it? Well probably not at first. But in the BIG story of your life, when you are re-reading the chapters that are completed, you will see that the struggle is part of your BEING. And it didn’t defeat you but possibly made you look outside of your little self for guidance and answers and the next step.


In a Quantum World, the next steps don’t have to be so defined, they can be as simple as asking, “What am I not seeing?” This may encourage you to turn the page of your Life Story book and start writing the next chapter. Put your energy there… How do you want to feel in this next chapter? This is your story and you are the author of the book.


I want adventure and excitement so my new quantum question is:


What would be possible for me to experience to make the next chapter in my Life Story exciting and full of ease, grace and joy?


What are your quantum questions?


In love, light and “I believe in Fairies”


Quantum Alignment Practitioner


Without even knowing it, Jamila and Cindy are in the same vibration. See what Jamila shared in her weekly energy forecast.

This week we are being asked to take what we have, where we are and tell a new story with it. Some of us are thriving in the energy and others not so much. No matter where you are in it, you can still take what you have and create something even more beautiful.


Most of you on Facebook have seen my name change to Jamila Jamie. Jamila was given to me when I made a personal decision and promised to walk a certain path. Jamila means “the one who sees God’s (source/divine) beauty in all things”, divinely Jami(e) means the gatherer. I had to giggle as I really sat with this. To see the beauty, to know the beauty you must see the opposite, the things that on the surface don’t seem so pretty. To be the gatherer you also must be the separator to really appreciate the beauty of coming together.


In my life I have instinctually brought together opposites, I have been handed a lot of sh.. that wasn’t so pretty to make something or see something beautiful in. This is kind of like the energy we will be experiencing this week. No, it doesn’t mean you will have things happen to make something more out of. Instead it is about seeing where you are, what is limiting you and turning it into something that serves you. This week you get to be the alchemist. What will you make from what you have right now.


Take a moment to pause and see where you can readjust and make tweaks to the story we’ve been rewriting for a few months. And let’s face it in reality do we really ever stop writing our story?


As a bonus we have a beautiful new moon that is supporting us to make commitments and devote ourselves to something, someone, some place. Embrace where you are beloved, dance in it, sing in it, make magic in it…


Until next time…


Don’t forget what a powerful creator you are!





Quantum Alignment Practitioner

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