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To Live

“To live. To live would be an awfully big adventure.” Peter in the movie “Hook” played by Robin Williams   Here we go following what my magnetic monopole brings to my awareness. If you remember, we talked about the magnetic monopole from Human Design system. This is the energetic magnet that only attracts that is […]

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The stories we tell ourselves or “Going Beyond Normal”

The stories we tell ourselves or “Going Beyond Normal” I love Hallmark movies. Ok, I am coming out and saying it out loud, I am a romantic. I love to see happy endings in movies and in life. I have been known to get upset when a movie didn’t end happily. Stars Wars Rebels is an […]

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Glimmers of Our Quantum Essence

More on Glimmers of our “Quantum Essence” I have been pondering on what “Quantum Essence” is… “Quantum physics is the physics of possibilities. And not just material possibilities, but also possibilities of meaning, of feeling, and on intuiting. You choose everything you experience from these possibilities, so quantum physics is a way of understanding your […]

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