The stories we tell ourselves or “Going Beyond Normal”

The stories we tell ourselves or “Going Beyond Normal”

I love Hallmark movies. Ok, I am coming out and saying it out loud, I am a romantic. I love to see happy endings in movies and in life. I have been known to get upset when a movie didn’t end happily. Stars Wars Rebels is an example. When we finished watching it, I texted my daughter (spoilers), “they all died, why did they ALL have to die?” I continue to try to rewrite that ending to better reflect goodness.

So as I continue my pondering on how we connect to our Quantum Essence, I have been thinking. We are all living our own stories. We are our own author. But that begs the question, if I am living my life and stuck in a part of my story – who is writing the story? It is very hard to pull yourself out of the physical, 3D story of what we are going through right now. BUT, who is writing this story? Is it all fated?

And better question, “who I am writing this story for? My family, my friends, my co-workers, MYSELF…? Is it possible to become the observer or writer and see that all is as it should be?”

Last night, Jamie and I (mostly Jamie) were facilitating a group working with the Quantum Alignment Resiliency Key of EMPOWERMENT. What does empowerment mean? Is it always standing up for ourselves and walking over people. “My way or the highway” I don’t think so. That is taking an archetype or key and swinging the pendulum too far and resulting in what most of us would call a bully.

Karen Curry Parker in her Quantum Alignment System uses the phrase “it doesn’t matter what I do, everything is out of my control,” as an indicator that the client is in need of clearing past conditioning to feel more in empowered.

Empowerment could mean that we have the ability to control our thoughts about what it feels like to be strong or being in control or even feeling valued for what we do. If we are feeling empowered, we are willing to takes risks to achieve a goal. We are willing to take a risk and say “I need help”. We are willing to take a risk and ask for that raise. We are willing to take a risk and go on that vacation. We feel safe that we can take those risks.

But our stories of past events or teachings or that movie we just watched, tell us it isn’t safe to take that risk. Our stories are holding us back. Maybe empowerment is really about honoring our old story and taking the risk of accepting a new chapter in our story. In the hero’s journey, our hero does have to doubt themselves. There are obstacles and enemies they have to defeat. But they may call on their allies to help. In Star Wars New Hope, Luke did have obstacles he had to overcome. I mean think about it, he was an orphan. His uncle wanted to keep him away and safe from the rebels. He doesn’t have the same training or history as the other rebels. He hasn’t been trained. But he had a guide, Obi-Wan, that helps him discover the power within. He found a friends that both challenge him and work with him. He doubts his abilities. He has struggles. In the end, he chooses to write his story differently and trust the force. He writes a new chapter and then steps into that chapter.

Elizabeth Peru ( shared a video in which she said maybe what we are scared of is not what we don’t know but we are scared to share the brilliance of what we do know. Like the oracle card “Going Beyond Normal” are we ready to have our reality shaken up and shared with the world? Are we ready to step beyond the story we have written so far? If we share our Brilliance and step into our Power, will we know what the next step should be? Or are we willing to allow our Quantum Essence to bring to us in the fullness of Divine Timing?
What would happen if we trusted the force or our Quantum Essence and wrote a new chapter in our Life story and just did that now? Are you willing to step into your true power and write that new chapter?



Quantum Alignment System Practitioner & Coach

**(image from Sacred Rebels Oracle deck by Alana Fairchild)**

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