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Human Design

The Human Design chart is a blueprint that shows the relationship between our physical body and our unique energetic configuration. Human Design shows us that, not only are we designed to experience vitality and health, we are also designed to be abundant, joyful, have meaning and direction in our lives that is fulfilling and valuable, to be empowered, self-loving and compassionate.


Using energy psychology and subtle body therapies, we will help you to release trauma stored in your genetic expression. Working at the epigenetic level, we are not only able to release stress and traumas experienced in this lifetime but also past, multi-generational trauma as well. When trauma is released, your vitality increases and pain eases in all areas of your life. You are able to align with Quantum Possibility and create at a higher level with ease and joy.



"You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." - Dr.Linus Pauling; winner of 2 Nobel Peace Prizes

The Biochemic System of medicine is based primarily and fundamentally upon the "Cell Theory" of Virchow, a great Scientist. He pronounced that the body is merely a collection of cells, and that medical treatment should be directed towards the individual cell.  The "cell salts" as they are commonly called are the vital portions of the body, the workers, the builders. When a deficiency occurs in one of the 12 cell salts, some abnormal condition arises. Cell salt theory suggest that providing the missing nutrients to the cells through the administration of cell salts is how those abnormalities are resolved.

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