Returning to Soul Quantum Essence

Peel it
Heal it
Feel it

Allow the release…

Repeat as necessary until no pain remains…

Until you filled with love…

Sometimes it is a matter of stopping the act of neglecting yourself.

Be your own hero, give yourself what you need.

Sit in the vulnerability of stillness. Be with it’s uncertainty, be with it’s madness, be with everything that is uncomfortable…


Then ask yourself what do I need now?
A taco???

Whatever it is that you need in this moment, in this place, in this space.

Every time you stuff things down
Every time you tell yourself to suck it up
Every time you tell yourself to get on with it
Every time you tell yourself to just deal

You are leaving less and less room for love.

You are love at the core of your BEing
You are love at the core of your Soul’s Quantum Essence

When you steer from love you steer from the truth of who you are.

Love has many faces, your love will not be the same as another.
So why do you look at another as the way you are to be?

It’s time we get back to who we be.
It’s no surprise we are getting rocked to our cores…
People freaking out it is the end times…

News flash...
Everyday is the end of times
Everyday we wake up with opportunity to be born again
Everyday we go to sleep and die to ourselves

If you’re waiting on the messiah to come in the form of a human you may find you are in for a big wake up call…
It’s not about anyone coming back to save you
YOU are to save yourself
YOU are the Messiah

It is a consciousness
It is a choice
It is only something you can do

Stop looking outside of yourself for a savior
YOU are the savior
Everything outside of you is proof God exist
But he lives inside of you
Everytime you look outside of yourself for a sign or answer
Not that we aren’t sometimes given them there when we need extra support

However there comes a time when you need to trust in yourself and your own guidance
You own Godself
You are missing the point of going inside when you look outside
You turn away from God
By turning away from yourself

Ask yourself:
“What needs to be healed, released, aligned and brought into my awareness for me to trust my guidance, to trust my Godself, and to know all I need, all I seek, the answers that are right for me, already reside inside of me?”

When we stop trying to force our will and allow Gods will, allow all to unfold according to the divine plan already set in place…
We ease the resistance
We allow the flow naturally
We get to be BE
We get to sit in love
We get to return to the core Soul Quantum Essence of our BEing

Until next time…

You’re Amazing

Quantum Alignment System Master Practitioner & Coach


PS) If you need some extra guidance to realign with your Quantum Essence I am happy to serve you.

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