Returning to Stillness

The moment of stillness.

I have been contemplating stillness. I noticed the sunset this evening. The sky was pink and the clouds were absolutely amazing. It brought me to a place of stillness. But it was only a momentary time in stillness. Soon a thought came through of what I had to accomplish and the stillness was gone. Time to continue with my linear time life.

So is my linear time life, what my soul really wants me to focus on or is it the stillness or “Quantum Essence” of the world around me and inside of me.? We are a Universe and we are part of the Universe. Is there a separation? Or is what I perceive because of my conditioning a projection that I am separate?
I have been studying Human Design and now, Karen Curry Parker’s Quantum Alignment System for a few years. In Human Design, we are taught that we often live our life through our conditioned responses. What conditions us? Our family, environment, our epigenetics and our energetic profile may all cause us to either feel aligned and free or trapped in repeating patterns.

Well, that is a depressing thought, I can be trapped in repeating patterns and I may not even see them because of my conditioning. Does that mean that when I write out affirmations or my intentions that I am only living out my conditioning? Karen Curry Parker has also mentioned that how we communicate our desires to the Universe should be in a form of a question. Questions allow the universe to bring to our attention that which would answer the question – we just have to be aware and still.
How often are we trying to mold our life into a certain pattern that we believe is in our best interests, and then BAM something knocks us off course and we are on a whole different path. And when we look back, we see that being knocked off of our pre-conceived ideas of how our life should work or look, was the best thing that could have happened. It was just becoming aware and then aligning with what the Universe brings to our attention.

I love Access Consciousness where they also utilize the tool of asking questions and being open to the answers the Universe brings with Ease and Joy. What would be possible for us to achieve when we did not limit ourselves with our conditioning, fears or expectations? What would OPEN up in the Universal Field of Possibilities to be able to bring to our awareness if we were still and let GO?
What is possible for me to PERCEIVE when I let go of LINEAR Time and OPEN UP to multi-dimensions of TIME as being one or the Point of Stillness?

Quite a few things to ponder or better to question and see what appears in my World….


Quantum Alignment System Master Practitioner & Coach

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