Ponderings on Setting Intentions

Ponderings on setting intentions…

It was just the new moon in Sagittarius.  Astrologers often say using the energy of the moon and the new moon is a good time to reflect and set new intentions.  Sagittarius is all about new ideas and new beliefs.  What do I want to put my faith in and my energy?

It just so happens that it is also the Holiday season.  At this time of the year, I often look back at past Christmases and remember and then being human, I start comparing this time of year with Christmases past and just like Ebenezer Scrooge – the past always looks brighter.  Why is that?

So how do I go about setting an intention when I’m looking at the past?  I have to take a moment and search for the glimmer of my Quantum Essence.  Our Quantum Essence is the part of us that lives in the Field of Infinite Possibilities – the no-person, no-time, no-future, no-past.  And when we connect with our Quantum Essence, we can open ourselves up to new possibilities that we may have never dreamed.

I went and drew an oracle card, “Bring it into form” from the Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck by Alana Fairchild.  Look at the light and the geometric figures in the glass or ice that the runner is on.  Embracing the unknown opens so many possibilities but as the card states we also have to bring the beautiful energy into form.  Whether it is sharing our writing, singing a song, hugging our family, friends or neighbors, bringing more LOVE into the world of three dimensions.

A possibility of BEING happy in this moment and letting the happiness fill my BEING and letting that BE enough.  Did you note that BEING is always (or at least I’m always) putting the word in all caps.  This is to emphasize to myself that it is not about what I did or I am doing but that I allow myself to BE and truly BE in the present moment.

That is my intention for this Holiday season.

To not strive but to just BE.

To not compare but to just BE.

To not worry but to BE.

It is time to BE fully present and to BE in my breath and in my heart center.

What would truly BE when I embrace the gift of the present and step into my BEINGNESS and know that is enough?

Happy Holidays.


Quantum Alignment Practitioner

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