I was watching the Moses Code Movie on Gaia this evening. And they were talking about the code in the name of God that Moses was given by the Burning Bush. One of the key points that James Twyman mentions in the book, “The Moses Code” is the code “I am that, … I am” Add in the comma and then think about it.

One of the people being interviewed said they were given an exercise to go out in the world and everything and everyone they saw they were to say “I am that..”

Think about it
I am that flower
I am that car
I am that baby
I am that thunderstorm
And add “I am”. I am that thunderstorm, … I am.

When I heard that, I thought of Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. When Tinkerbell drinks the poison to save Peter, Peter asks the audience to believe in fairies. “I believe in Fairies, I do, I do” (don’t forget to clap)

It is in our perception of what we are – our “I am” that tells us how the world looks. If we say “I am scared of talking in public” the Universe (with the help of our magnetic monopole) will bring us opportunities to prove that we are scared to talk in public. For example, you may be at a dinner and asked on the spot, to give a toast.

But what if … we start looking at the world with the lens of saying “I am that (fill in the blank), I am”

How would that change our world view?
I am that flower, I am
I am that homeless person, I am
I am that great speaker, I am
I am that Earth, I am
You don’t have to believe but just ponder…

How does opening yourself up to the possibility that we are that… we are.

What would you want to bring into your awareness? What does it feel like to note that we are that, we are? There truly is no separation. We are energy is motion and what we put our attention on we attract or bring into our awareness or become. We are both the wave of energy and the observer.
Well, following my Quantum Essence has brought me down a Rabbit hole of changing my perception or widening the field of my awareness.
Here is something to think about, what if I am that Angel, I am or I am that murderer, I am? Does it bring more awareness of the people and events around you?

Does it change the way you look or “judge” the other?

Personally, I find more joy in contemplating the beauty of the I am that, I am. But we also learn from what challenges us. What strikes the nerve and makes us want to change either personally or out in the world?

Leaving with you with a question of hope…

What would be possible for me when I truly embody that we are the wave and the observer? What would change in my life, if I truly became aware that we are all ONE and I am that, … I am?

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