Getting to the Heart of Me

Are you looking for ways to align and live out your Soul's Purpose?

Are you confused by what it means to be living an aligned life?

Are you wondering how to use your Human Design chart to find out how to bring about Heart Coherence?


What if you could tap into your deeper wisdom, bypass fear and create the life you are designed to live...

How would it feel to be able to stand firm in love no matter what life is throwing at you?

Symptoms you're out of alignment with your Purpose:

  • Feeling lost and not making progress,

  • Poor health,

  • Loss of vibrancy and energy,

  • Constantly worry about money,

  • Making choices that lead to self-sabatoge,

  • Empty relationships,

  • you may feel you are only existing not living.

  • Burnout

Do you find yourself in positions and situations you would never be in if you were coming from heart. Always pushing , desperate to get by, would do anything to try to prove your worth?

Do you martyr yourself for the sake of others because you don't have the strength to deal with the fall out and eventually the walls close put around you?

Imagine how would you feel if you were making your decisions from a place that is always connected to your True Purpose and always keeps you in harmony with positive intentions and your vital body force. 

There is a quote that is often used by spiritual teachers, “the longest and hardest journey you will ever take is the 18 inches from your head to your heart (Andrew Bennett, British politician)

When you align with the energy of the Heart chakra, you move from "stinking thinking" and the FEARS of the Spleen and align with  Higher Purpose for ourselves and the planet.

When we're aligned with our heart, we naturally let go of what isn't serving us and stay centered in the strength of who we are in our highest form, LOVE.

Human Design offers us a wonderful tool in understanding the energy of the Heart Chakra.

Understanding the different sources of energy of the Heart (G Center and Will), and how they connect to the other centers and how energy will run, can help you to connect to your Purpose and Place on this wonderful planet.

Cindy and Jamie, together, have created an unparalleled opportunity for clearing away mistaken beliefs we have all accumulated through life. They work synergistically, cutting to the heart of the matter with utter kindness and love. I recommend them wholeheartedly. ~ Galia

Introducing Getting to the Heart of Me

The purpose of our journey on this precious Earth is now to align our personalities with our souls.  It is to create harmony, cooperation, sharing and reverence for Life.  It is to grow spiritually.  This is our new evolutionary pathway.

“The old pathway – pursuing the ability to manipulate and control – no longer works.” ~Gary Zukav~

Human Design gives a glimpse of your energetic profile and what your Soul came here to do.  Our Human Design Chart can be viewed as the blueprint that your Soul (or Higher Self) came here to work with.  If you understand the many meanings of the Types, Centers, Channels and Gates, you will be better able to handle the energy currents and vibrations that we are experiencing. 

We are all energy and everything around us is energy.  Vibration is the voice of the Universe.  Align yourself with the higher vibration and the closer you will be able to align with the Higher Purpose and enjoy our journey.

HeartMath tells us that we should bring our heart into coherence with the higher vibrations (Love, Joy).

If we use our knowledge of Human Design and use techniques to clear blocks, traumas and conditioning, we will align and FREE ourselves from the need to look outside of ourselves for value or love. 

You, like us, have been on a search or journey to learn more about yourself and how to live out your Soul’s Purpose.  And as Seekers, you are always looking for ways to align yourselves with your Soul’s Purpose.  Wouldn't it be nice to have the time and space to learn about the different ways to know your purpose, how you love or want to be loved, how to bring WILL to Service to a Higher Purpose...

Getting to the Heart of Me program.

In this program, we are going to focus on the Heart in the Human Design Chart.  The Heart includes both the G Center and the Will Center.  We invite you to go on this journey with us as we go deeply into the 12 Gates in these two Centers.


What you will learn:

  • What is the high expression of each Human Design Gate in the G and Will Centers. What is the low expression?

  • How to clear past trauma, conditioning and blocks through each gate.

  • We will reprogram your epigenetics to clear ancestral blocks that may be holding you back.

  • Tools you may use to center yourself in your Quantum Heart.

  • Through journaling, bringing awareness to conditioning or limiting beliefs that you may not be aware you have.

What is included in each module:

  • 28 Days of journaling exercises, through a daily email on different aspects of a specific Gate or Resiliency Key

  • 4 Live Group Coaching/Sharing Classes 

  • A private Facebook group to share your questions or awareness 

  • An image of a crystal grid created to help us align with the higher purpose of the Gate

  • 25% Discount on Flower Essences created to help us align with our Quantum Essence


One of the first Gates we be focusing on is Gate 7 in the G Center.  This Gate focuses on Right Voice.  In traditional IChing this is called “The Army”. This archetype is here to support Leadership and make sure that Leadership has the direction of an aligned Heart to give direction to voice of the Alpha.  This Gate is part of the Logic Circuit.  There is a path of aligned or right direction. 

The Getting to the Heart of Me Program has NOW been formatted into a 4 week class covering all 12 Gates or Portals of the G Center and Will Center

Are you ready to dive deep into the energies of the Heart? 

Special Introductory Launch Price is $97.00 

 BONUS:  Access to 31 Day Self-Love Class (Self-Study) which includes 31 emails and 4 meditations.

Join us on our journey to discover the Heart of Me and of our Human Design Energetic Profile.  Come and learn, align and grow in your vibration and connection to the Quantum Realm of Possibilities.

What is possible for me if I truly align with the higher possibility of the Heart of Me and my Human Design Energetic Profile? 

What will be possible for the new Consciousness of Earth, if we all align with what our Soul came here to do and allow our Personality to serve the Soul and FLY?

Registration will be opening soon.

I Love working w/ These wonderful & powerful women, Jamie Streett & Cindy Harley. They are awesome separately & a double Gift together.
They are tuned in to the energies & needs of their Client.
They are Alchemical Weavers of the energies-Using EFT, HD & all of their gifts to get to the Core of the isssue w/ such ease & grace.
I feel quite honored & blessed to have received some incredible "Healing sessions" from them both.
I Highly recommend Jamie Streett & Cindy Harley!!


Jamie and Cindy. The enormity of the shifts they guided me through are almost too much for words. Both separately and together they were so many things at once. a Safety Net, Heart Space, and Guidance both to the upper and lower worlds of self. A POWER TEAM with an amazing array of tools in their wisdom, abilities and talents.

~Meet Your Guides~

Cindy is a true seeker of knowledge and one of the Guides on your path. 

Cindy has been studying various self-help and esoteric knowledge for over 35 years.  She is also very techie and loves learning about new ways for people to learn online.  Being a former Naval Intelligence Officer, she loves to dig deep and find out things (could also be that her natal design Sun residing in Gate 48 – the Well)  A natural teacher, she became an Elementary School teacher after leaving the Navy.  Seeker of wonder and mystical…. She continues on her path of seeking more and more depth to the knowledge of how to integrate her Logic with Sensing…   to bring about a closer alignment with the DIVINE and learn that BEING is enough.

Some of the tools in her toolbox of awesome sauce are: Quantum Alignment System Practitioner Level 3, Human Design Specialist Level 4 (certified through Karen Curry Parker); Certified Crystal Healer, Angel Card Reader, Astrologer, various energy techniques, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner, working with sound healing and Sacred Soul Alignment Practitioner.

Jamila is a Quantum Energist, Master Healer & Teacher

At heart she’s a soul healer & poet wishing to make an impact by leaving a legacy of love everywhere she goes. A true lover of all things Quantum Physics, Energy, Human Design, Alchemy & Magic - with a weakness for pit bulls, mysticism, Rumi, spreading love & doing her part to make the world a better place.

Jamila has 15 years of training in the field of energy healing under her belt and  is certified as a Quantum Alignment System Practitioner (level 3) & Coach, Homeopath, Flower Essence Practitioner, Facial Analyst and Tissue Salt Consultant, Human Design Specialist (Level 4), Healing by Human Design Specialist (Level 3), Reiki Master, Medical Intuitive, Angelic Life Coach, Human Design Teacher for Angels Teach, Minister of the Sacred Rose, Spontaneous Transformation Technique Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Facilitator, EFT Master Practitioner, Positive EFT Practitioner, EmoTrance Practitioner, +Heart Facilitator & Hypnotist. She is a licensed member of the Guild of Energist, a member of the Energy Medicine Professional Association, and a proud member of the Flower Essence Society.

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