Freeing Your Authentic Self

Freeing Your Authentic Self:

More ponderings. Karen Curry Parker has been sharing about Creatvity, Sustainability and Authentic Self. Karen shared that in Human Design – Gate 55 is Abundance.
“In Human Design chart, abundance is defined as the Emotional frequency of energy that supports your awareness of Spirit as the Source of all that is.”

In my Human Design chart, I have Chiron in the Gate 55. If you know the myth of Chiron – the wounded healer and centaur who trained Greek Heros, you will know that where Chiron is placed in your Human Design chart or even your astrology chart is where you have a core wound that will lead you to becoming your own true hero or authentic Self or your Quantum Essence.

To continue in story fashion, let me tell you a story of mythic trials with Abundance or the Gate 55.
Once upon a time, Sprite lived in a world that she felt she had to perform or work to feel valued or abundant. …

Sprite, as a child, worked for good grades in school and tried to perform better than others to get recognition. Sprite felt she had to be at the top of the class. She also felt she had to work out in the World in order to worthy or abundant.

Little did she know that it was not her “grades” or “the money” she brought in that would define her true Essence. It was not what her Quantum Essence or Soul was craving the outer trappings of abundance. But that didn’t stop her from continuing to try and try and try (think of the little engine that could, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….)

Sprite would often look around her and see people who seemed to be happy where they were in their outer life (the job or degree). So Sprite thought she would get a degree or take another class or buty the bright, shiny object… She always seemed to be chasing for the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.
But in true mythic story-telling, this did not satisfy Sprite. She always felt there was something missing. It was not until she was taken out of the story (that particular story), that she caught glimmers of what SELF is and how self-worth is not tied to what you do or how much you have. Self-worth is not tied to any outer circumstance but is natural for all people. 

Sprite loved to see the glimmers around her of the possibilities. If she really looked around and within herself, she would see the glimmers everywhere. She would see the sparkling Quantum Essence that is always here for her.
So Sprite made a choice to honor and follow the glimmers or whispers of her Higher Calling or Quantum Essence. She decided to ask to be shown how Abundant her life is and how anything is possible in this infinite field of possibilities.
Sprite first brought to her awareness the story she was telling herself about what it means to be abundant. She released and reframed the old story of needing to prove her worthiness or gather external trappings. She had seen the glimmer of a new truth of BEING where everyone is abundant and all things are possible.
She worked to align herself with her Quantum Essence or a new truth. To Sprite, Abundance is now Glimmers of Brilliance within her and everything. Does this end the story of the trials of Sprite in opening herself up to her true Quantum Essence? Not quite, Sprite is morphing into a beautiful butterfly but it is a process. 

Writing this story is part of my mythic journey of following the glimmers of a Truth and aligning. I remember that Abundance and Worth are not mine to declare but are mine just through BEING.
What is possible and what can I allow to appear in my life when I open and align with the Brilliance of my Authentic Self in ease, joy and glimmers?

Want to know more how you can notice the glimmers or sparkles of Brilliance around you? Stay tuned….

Cindy- Quantum Alignment Master Practitioner & Coach

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