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To Live

“To live. To live would be an awfully big adventure.” Peter in the movie “Hook” played by Robin Williams   Here we go following what my magnetic monopole brings to my awareness. If you remember, we talked about the magnetic monopole from Human Design system. This is the energetic magnet that only attracts that is […]

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Freeing Your Authentic Self

Freeing Your Authentic Self: More ponderings. Karen Curry Parker has been sharing about Creatvity, Sustainability and Authentic Self. Karen shared that in Human Design – Gate 55 is Abundance. “In Human Design chart, abundance is defined as the Emotional frequency of energy that supports your awareness of Spirit as the Source of all that is.” […]

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What is Healing by Human Design?

We are designed to experience health, wellness and abundance.  At any given point in time 48-62 trillion cells in your body are functioning optimally and supporting your physical experience of a healthy, happy life. The Human Design chart is a blueprint that shows the relationship between our physical body and our unique energetic configuration.  Human […]

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