Day: January 17, 2018

To Live

“To live. To live would be an awfully big adventure.” Peter in the movie “Hook” played by Robin Williams   Here we go following what my magnetic monopole brings to my awareness. If you remember, we talked about the magnetic monopole from Human Design system. This is the energetic magnet that only attracts that is […]

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Ponderings on Setting Intentions

Ponderings on setting intentions… It was just the new moon in Sagittarius.  Astrologers often say using the energy of the moon and the new moon is a good time to reflect and set new intentions.  Sagittarius is all about new ideas and new beliefs.  What do I want to put my faith in and my […]

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The Holidays are Over

The holidays are over. But our quest to become more than what we were continues. As I ponder this, a video came across my Facebook feed from the movie, The Greatest Showman.  The movie director shared a video of one of the key songs and it was during “workshop”.  It brought tears to my eyes.  […]

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